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It is a pleasure for us to welcome you to our Spa, we are going to give our best effort so you can enjoy your stay and feel satisfied. Talk to us if you have some type of critic, improvement suggestion or idea, we are always open to general suggestions and we appreciate them.
Eternal Child is an accredited Proudly South African body care product developed by two sisters Natasha and Lindy Van Diemen. At their side, there is a very competent team that will always make you feel at home. Enjoy our wellness teas and drinks as well as the fruit and crunchies, all of our products are also available to purchase as well as our luxurious lifestyle range, we have single treatments as well as packages
Come and discover! We hope we have aroused your curiosity. The most important thing for us is you as our guest, have the maximum enjoyment and relaxation, as we take care of all of your stresses that come with everyday life.

All our love
Natasha and Lindy Van Diemen
Directors of Eternal Child

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